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Riven 7.10 Updates: Embracing Her Animation Cancelling

Hey there League and Riven fans from all over the world!

Recently, Rioter Exgeniar posted some juicy Riven updates onto the LoL feedback board. Focusing more on embracing her animation cancelling, they gave us some details that are going to be explored in the upcoming PBE testing. The info follows:

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ARAM Game Mode Changes

JustTheJazziest here! We’ve all had those games of ARAM (All Random, All Mid) where neither team seemed to be able to end the game, and so what we hoped would be a short game ends up taking over half an hour. According to Meddler, the Lead Gameplay Designer for League of Legends, “ARAM’s intended to be a notably faster game mode than SR, some (not all) games can really stall out though.”

League of Legends ARAM Daily Motion
To address this problem, Riot recently implemented several changes to make ARAM games go faster. These changes included more cannon minions. faster minion spawn time, and stronger and faster super minions.

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