Riven 7.10 Updates: Embracing Her Animation Cancelling

Hey there League and Riven fans from all over the world!

Recently, Rioter Exgeniar posted some juicy Riven updates onto the LoL feedback board. Focusing more on embracing her animation cancelling, they gave us some details that are going to be explored in the upcoming PBE testing. The info follows:

Change 1: Q Animation Canceling more consistent IN 5/3

Juicy technical details on Riven’s Q animation cancelling:

Q has a min lockout time of 0.4 seconds. If Riven is moving (before or after pressing Q), her animation is unlocked after an arbitrary delay based on server tick rate (0 – .25s). This timing is pretty much random. So your ability to animation cancel is more determined by your latency and luck.

We are trying to make this no longer random, but deterministic – If you cancel your animation via moving, it will reliably cancel your animation.

Change 2: Emotes no longer cancels animations NOT IN FULLY 5/3
And are locked out during Q W and E.

  • With the changes above, we don’t need this anymore. No more hiding and breaking of spell animations.

Change 3: Q spell buffering internal cleanup

(Buffering and targeting better calculates the location of a target in the case of high latency)

  • Cleaning up old scripts so that the 0.4 cast time of the Q is more exactly 0.4 seconds every time.
  • The targeting change might not be noticeable, but the visual indicator of a targeted cast will guarantee a targeted cast of Q.

Change 4: E can be buffered during Q IN 5/2

  • If you press QE really fast, your E didn’t queue up previously. Now it does. No more dropped commands. Sorry, it wasn’t lag’s fault…

Change 5: P, Q and R buff icons now appear in their spell slots IN 5/2

  • House cleaning.

This post is to be updated as more information gets released. Let us know what you guys think below!

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