Pulsefire Caitlyn & Ezreal Update

Hey everyone! I’m sure you all have heard about the new Caitlyn skin as well as the Ezreal update. No? Well let me tell ya –

It’s great.

At 1820 RP, you can get your hands on Caitlyn’s newly released skin: Pulsefire Caitlyn. With a new recall, voice over, and model, this skin is interesting and creative to say the least. Each backing animation features her grabbing different top hats from different places, such as Bilgewater or Piltover. Here’s the catch- Since it’s a legacy skin, it will only be available during the Lunar Revel event. So stay tuned and keep your eyes peeled (Like how you peel her during late game)

Pulsefire Ezreal has also been updated with a fresh new everything since it’s release 4 years ago. It costs 3250 RP. Check out the videos below for more detail:

What do you all think?


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