7.10 Updates: Malzahar changes and Other Stuff!

Hey Summoners! We’ve got the latest updates on patch 7.10 right before the end mid-season, so we’ll give you the down-low. 

Riot has pretty much decided to change a bit on Malzahar considering that he’s now a huge support pick these days, with some harass and a really OP ultimate. Although he is meant to be a mid-laner, Riot has now decided to fix his abilities to better fit his current roles, both ways. Some expected changes are to also affect Heimerdinger and Rammus. And no- they’re not getting rid of his stupid waddle.

To give readers who haven’t played Malzahar at all or as support some perspective, he’s pretty good as long as his player knows how to use his abilities correctly and with perfect timing. His little Voidlings do give him sustained poke once it’s paired with Malefic Visions, ending up with a sick combo while preserving his lane, health and ADC. His ultimate can also help his ADC win lane as long as the enemy team has no push-back or carry no defensive items.

As Meddler mentioned on the official LoL forums:

Possible 7.10 work

Now that the 7.9 patch has been locked (we’re in the final testing period, so can’t put any more changes into it) we’ve started looking at 7.10 changes. It’s likely there’ll be a fair bit of followup to mid-season needed, so it’s hard to speak definitively about what will be in 7.10, work we’re looking at though includes:

  • Malz – W changes to make his solo laning more rewarding, reduce unhealthy impact of his support play (lack of good counterplay especially)

  • Heimer – Still looking at him, with focus points being late game effectiveness, better gameplay around turrets for enemies (melee ones especially) and being a better mid laner.

  • Rammus – Looking at some tweaks aimed at giving a bit more satisfaction/skill expression to ability use, clearer counterplay and a bit of modernization (e.g. more consistent collision checking on Powerball)

What do you all think? Let us know in the comments below!


One thought on “7.10 Updates: Malzahar changes and Other Stuff!”

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