Rakan, league of legends

Should Rakan players STOP playing Rakan?

Hello fellow Summoners! It’s DisTewMuch with a segment related to a recent article released by WWG here. Long story short, there are arguments that Support players should stop playing Rakan because he’s overall bad. They state in their article:

“His overall win rate is an outstanding 44%, and that’s almost entirely thanks to his somewhat reasonable win rate in games that end up 50 minutes long. In games that end before twenty minutes, Rakan has the worst win rate of any support in the game at 38%.”

Allow me to argue why I believe this is bullshit:

Rakan isn’t all that bad if you know how to play him right. All of the arguments stated in the article point out similar issues plenty of AP support champions develop, which is something I constantly see since, rakan and xayah return to base league of legendswell, I play squishy AP supports. Rakan does wonderfully during laning phase if you can use his heals and shields correctly and can land a mean W. His mana cost isn’t as bad as other support champions either, which is extremely important at the beginning of the game.

True he may suck at team fights but it’s heavily dependent on team composition, how good your team is and what items you have. I personally know I play Rakan well during landing phase but I have a hard time utilizing his abilities correctly during team fights. And I’ve seen people suck at him in the beginning and excel late game. It’s all about how you play him and your strategies.

Granted, his Q doesn’t have the range that I would’ve liked, and his W can put the ADC in danger if there’s no follow up and no shield available. In low-elo, more players see Rakan being used ineffectively whereas higher-elo players are aware of his faults and can successfully work around them. His base health also kind of sucks but you work around it, and hopefully over time Riot can fix his weaker areas.

It’s similar to me playing Nami, which I have over a hundred games with. I’ve seen people play her horribly. They don’t understand she does wonderfully when it comes to trading and she can last-hit like a beast when it’s needed. Her heals are also insanely good and when used correctly, her ult can even determine a game on occasions. But was it easy to learn her? No. She may have been easy to play but to correctly use her situationally was a completely different lane (pun intended)

Her downfalls include her being incredibly squishy and her abilities are very mana-consuming at the start of the game, but over time if you buy the right items, participate actively in fights and gain enough assists, she can be an awesome, powerful champ and so can Rakan.

Then again he’s relatively new and many people probably don’t know the correct masteries or runes to use with him SO that can heavily affect his win-rate which was stated to be at 44%.

TLDR; Rakan can start as a Pidgey and turn into a beautiful Pigeot just like Nami can be a Magikarp into a Gyarados.

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