Some Background On The “Sexy” Champs:

Hey fellow summoners! It’s DisTewMuch with a segment here on the “sexy” League of Legends champions that we all know and love. AskRiot authors Jinxylord, Ghostcrawler, and Obiwunkenobi had recently posted on to the game’s client, a page on why they made some champs with miss fortune league of legendshour-glass figures, and whether they will continue on with the easy-on-the-eyes looking female champs. Of course there are some handsome ones out there (think Taric, Rakan) the women seem to get all the attention.

I personally believe that if a League of Legends champion is attractive, that means they are a bit more marketable. Of course I’m probably saying that out of my ass, but as a female myself I think it may be a bit true. Although more diverse female champions are being released, they all have a common theme: They’re all pretty.

“In 2013 we made a conscious effort to shift away from the “hourglass girls” we had been making for years. We just had so many women in our game that could easily be described by, “Syndra, but in a different cosplay.” We needed more variety. There are a lot of different ways to make compelling female characters that don’t revolve around raw sex appeal. IMO having a large variety of female and male characters is really good for us. Lets us hit a ton of different niches which is important with a roster as big as ours.”

Read the rest of the post here.

With that said, what do you all think? Let us know in the comments below!

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