Will Support Item Changes Really Make The Position More Rewarding?

JustTheJazziest here with an update on the new support items changes that many of you League players may be curious about.

Tanks and the Rift Herald aren’t the only changes in the Midseason Update – Riot is introducing a Quest and Reward for each support item so that the position appeals to more players. According to Limely and Riot Collins.

“ We want the Support player’s laning actions to be more interactive, meaningful, and drive towards a feeling of progressing through the game without simply piling on more gold, as it’s very easy to do more harm than good that way. There is still a lot more to do for Supports to catch them up to the other positions; adding quests and their rewards is just one of several steps towards improving the Support experience.”


The biggest offender for a passive support item was the Ancient Coin, which no longer gives you flat gold for every minion that dies near you. The reworked Ancient Coin will now function more similarly to Thresh’s passive, as minions slain by an ally will periodically drop a gold or mana coin, with Canon minions always dropping a coin. Once enough coins have been collected, your champion will earn an early skill point in the form of an elixir that can be used without leveling up.

While this change wouldn’t affect a champion with a play style such as Thresh, as it already functions similar to his passive, it could have a very negative effect on a squishy support such as Soraka. Rather than poking and healing from a safe distance, she would now have to risk extending farther into the lane to reach coins, potentially exposing her to more pokes and probability of being pulled by Thresh or Blitzcrank. Thus, it should definitely advance Riot’s goal of making coin users more dynamic and calculating rather than just collecting flat gold regardless of how well your lane is doing.

The Relic Shield line will be gaining a passive shield as a reward for gaining enough gold, which recharges out of combat and will have its cooldown reduced by executing minions. The passive shield will be a great bonus for the tanks that use the Relic Shield, and should be especially useful for engaging/aggressive supports such as Leona. Imagine how tanky she’ll be with her W, Courage of the Colossus, AND an extra passive shield!

Lastly, the Spellthief’s Edge line will gain a movement speed bonus upon poking an enemy champion as a reward for collecting enough gold. This change should synergize especially well with quick, painful squishies such as Lulu and Sona. The passive gold timer after killing a minion is also being reduced from 12 to 8 seconds but now stacks, meaning accidentally killing a minion has less of a penalty, but killing a few sets you back even more from utilizing the poke passive gold bonus.

Do these changes truly make the support class more appealing to other playstyles, or do they just amount to a buff across the support class? Let us know in the comments below!

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