Maokai, Zac, Sejuani updates

Hey everyone, we’re coming to you with Tank mid-season updates for the above mentioned champs, some good and some not-so-favorable.

Riot has released a video explaining the new updates, including increasing defensiveness for tanky champs but in turn, giving less reliable damage to the enemy. This may be great news for some junglers who are looking for more defense when roaming around lanes and attacking the enemy camp.

Zac has been given a few changes which include switching reliable damage into additional CC, changing up Stretching Strike, and fixing Let’s Bounce! into a more promising and effective ability. Along with those changes, Maokai may also become more powerful and rewarding to play. Sejuani’s base spells will be changed resulting in her ult becoming less effective. This trades it in for a more powerful kit.

You can view the rest of the planned changes for the different champs as posted by official Rioter Solcrushed on the LoL boards here:

  • We’re adding more skill expression to Tank combat patterns, for themselves as well as their opponents. We’re looking to offer more points of play and counterplay and reward players for mastering them.
  • We’re reducing the amount of reliable damage that Tanks bring to the game and instead amplifying their defensive and crowd control capabilities. We want to ensure that the tanks are correctly valued for the right reasons and definitively set them apart from their offensive counterparts.
  • We’re making each Tank more unique. Vanguards in particular fall short in this regard, so we’re looking to add more uniqueness outside of their ability to effectively initiate teamfights.

Also… Zac’s voice pitches up and down as he changes in size, which is something that should’ve been #1 priority since day one, people.

Let us know what you all think below. Until next time!

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