Esports joining Asian Games in 2022

Hey everyone! DisTewMuch here with some updates and information on the recent news released by ESPN stating that The Olympic Council of Asia will introduce esports in the 2018 Asian Games, making it a medal sport by the year 2022. This is extremely exciting news as esports fans around the world have been waiting for this day to come. Becoming a medal sport is a huge step in esports and competitive gaming, giving players and teams the recognition they worked very hard to achieve.

Partnering with Alisports, A branch of Chinese online retail store Alibaba, they will introduce esports as a demonstration in next year’s Asian Games held in Indonesia. This will all lead into a complete inclusion in the Hangzou games in 2022. In a statement released by the OCA:

“Alisports founder and CEO Mr. Zhang Dazhong said: “I would like to thank the Olympic Council of Asia for their faith in Alisports. Together we will work on providing the sponsors of the Asian Games with more opportunities and maximizing the market value, so that the OCA enjoys optimum benefits and advantages.”

There won’t be any League of Legends featured for the Asian Games, instead, we will have a series of other exciting sports games:

“E-Sports to be contested at the 5th AIMAG this September include FIFA 2017, MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) and RTA (Real Time Attack) gaming types.”

This all seems reminiscent to the 2016 World Electronic Sports Games held in the China’s Changzou province. Over 60,000 players from 120 countries had arrived in China to compete amongst the most competitive games and participate in a 5.5 million dollar prize. The gaming tournament had also recognized only 1 representative for 1 country per video game. Some of the video games included Dota 2, LoL, and Heartstone. The International eSports Federation had invested 14.5 million dollars for the event, and is partnering with Alibaba Sports Group to invest 150 million dollars for the featured Asian Games event.

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