Dark Star Orianna, Kha’zix & Game Mode Update

Hey guys, DisTewMuch here giving you all the info needed to go nuts over Orianna’s newly released skin for possibly the 7.9 PBE cycle. This skin is a branch of the Dark Star theme that has already been implemented with Thresh and Varus. This pre-release includes a sneak peak of her glowing purple abilities, body-revolving solar system, and new SFX, keeping you distracted for long enough to quite possibly get yourself killed. (Hey, gotta stay focused)

Take a look at her Skin Spotlight below:

dark star.pngAlong with Ori’s new skin comes along Dark Star Kha’zix, with one glowing eye and looking even more purple than before. (really?) He still looks undeniably awesome and Riot never fails with the creativity Kha’zix’s skins. With interesting and colorful effects, he’s probably the most beautiful bug I’ve ever seen. Both of these skins are rumored to be 1350 RP each but we’re not entirely sure until more information is released.




Take a look at both Ori and Kha’zix’s new skins below:

Following the newly released Dark Star trailer for Kha’zix and Orianna, these skins come hand-hand with the newly introduced Dark Star game mode. This new concept is mainly focused on hooks and knock-back effects, where there are 6 Dark Star Threshes circling around, hooking and throwing each other into what seems like a black hole. Assuming that you die when being thrown into the black hole, this should be a pretty interesting game mode that you’ll probably get tired of playing after a few rounds.

Let’s not forget, they used Thresh as the announcer for the above mentioned game mode:

What do you guys think? Let us know in the comments below!

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